(Ashwani Kumar Singh a.k.a Digital Ashwani Singh a.k.a. Thakurji)

My name is Ashwani Kumar Singh. I have over 10 years of work experience in Digital World and Digital Marketing.

During my initial career, I have to build a website from scratch. Now I have to use an Enterprise Content Management System (Adobe Experience Manager) for content authoring and content publishing. I have achieved in-depth knowledge and experience that can be implemented in different organizations.

I have worked with the different organizations of different industries (Web Development, Job/Education Portal, Product based, Big Four, Digital Marketing and Medical device) so far in my tenure.

Ashwani Kumar Singh’s Journey so far

I started my career as a Junior Software Developer with SNT InfoTech, Ghaziabad.

Social Media Presence

As most of the people you can also find me on most of the social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to engage and collaborate with others (friends, family, digital marketers,)

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How much I am ‘Qualified’?

After completing graduation I was pursuing web designing as my hobby because I was liked to create, design my own websites in my free time and even helped my friends with their project works.

Apart from my professional career I also tried to use several other web skills like PHP, MYSQL by a creating web-based application to upskill myself with technology. As a result, I have created my own Content Management System and used it to build my website.

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