Create SEO optimized landing pages

Create SEO optimized landing pages

In Online marketing, landing pages are known as ‘lead generation pages’ used in campaigns when user searches for a keyword in search engines and click on paid advertisements where this landing pages is set up.

Characteristics of a landing page:

Content focused – A landing page always focused on a product or service or any focused keyword. For example, if a mobile company is promoting its newly launched phone than its landing page’s content only focused on its features.

Capture lead’s data – Landing pages usually contained a form to capture lead’s data along with CTA (Call to action) links for further redirecting user to purchase a product or service and sending regular future updates to the user. It will help to convert leads to customer and hence results in generating income.

Let’s see how to make a landing page SEO optimized.

  • Determine a Long-Tail Keyword and apply all over your landing page.
  • Use simple and descriptive content.
  • Work on designing of your landing page to carry content, media items and provide user experience.
  • Generate traffic on your new landing page from existing posts and pages.
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