How to Find Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail Keywords are longer and keyword phrases that visitors will use to search in search engines. They are essential part of a site if used properly.

Long-Tail Keywords should be a part of any SEO strategy. The Long-Tail Keywords could be used in site title, meta description and blog post (in the form of video, inforgraphics, images or an other type of content).

For example – if a company only manufacturing gaming laptop, than they willonly target for keyword phrases like “gaming machines” or “gaming laptops”. They will hardly get searched results for “laptop”. It will help the company in lowering the cost of the promotions by reducing the competition by using long-tail keywords.

How to Find Long-Tail Keywords?

It’s easy to find Long-Tail Keywords for any lead generation campaigns with the help of below tips

1. Google Suggest
Google Suggestions are fabolous tool to find Long-Tail Keywords. Just start typing in Google search box and check out all phrases Google usggest you to type that eventually help you to focus on those popular keyowrd phrases. Since people already using them on Google.

2. Google’s Related Searches
On search results page there are several keyword phrases present at the end of the page to guide you to check other keywords combinations too that will help you in knowing how people might use your Long-Tail Keywords while searching on Google.

3. Use different keyword reasearch tools
By using only one tool you are restrciting yourself to a limited keywords. You are required to use some other options as well:

4. Q&A Forums
Check out Questions and Answers forum where people are discussing about on-going issues, topics, events, technology, concerns, queries and many more. You may use some of them and use as your Long-Tail Keywords and start working on it. Chances of getting more visitors are sure shot. You many help them by posting and sharing your articles.

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