Perform SEO Audit on your website

Perform SEO audit on your website

It’s essential to have a complete audit on your website with all SEO aspects covered. SEO Audit results will tell you where you are lacking and helps you knowing your further steps and things needed to be improvised or updated to gain more traffic and improve Google ranking.

There are few tools that will help you during Audit process. These are optional but very useful in determining list of issues your website is having and help you in fixing them.

If you’re now ready to start your website audit. Now choose one of the popular SEO site auditor like, Quickspout, SEOptimer, SEOMATOR,

Audit results will be comprising of on-page SEO steps that could be carried out while creating websites pages and blog posts. These can be easily fixed with the help of SEO audit.

SEO audit results will tell you below on-page issues to fix on your website page by page:

  • Page titles – Unique titles for each page and Ideal length should be 15-65 characters
  • Meta description – Descriptive and short. Optimal length should be between 51-160 characters
  • Image ALT attribute – ALT attribute should contain your focused keyword
  • Keyword density – Need to use your focused keyword on your page or post on several positions (title, description, alt attribute, headings, intro para)
  • Internal and External links within content – Need to link within content (to your own website pages/post or to external websites)
  • Broken links – It will help you to fix any broken link present in your website.
  • Page Speed – It will help you to reduce page loading speed by letting you the different ways (images size optimized, Script files, Stylesheets, media files)
  • Website Structure/Taxonomy – It also important to maintain a website content hierarchy (branch like structure)
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