Share important content on social media

Share important content on social media: SEO Technique

Sharing content on social media comes handy when your post is quite new. It quite difficult to rank your post in Google search results for high volume keywords since your Domain Authority and Page Authority are still low.

Social media can help you to gain credibility and traffic.

You may use MOZ SEO toolbar to determine your Domain Authority and Page Authority

You may get all on going hot topics from Platforms like SlideshareBloggerQuora. These platforms helps you to improve your search ranking. Share your content and solve other’s problems. Keep using higher ranking platforms for content sharing that eventually help it that are with the best process that relevant to the georgia you in building Google search ranking in short span of time.

What content on social media should be part of digital marketing strategy?

There are several type of content that can be shared on social media to engage customer and for brand awareness and promotion.

  • Blog post (website links)
  • Brand Promotion (video, graphics, or any other media type)
  • Brand Awareness (infographics, video or any other media type)
  • Polls (surveys, questions or any other types of polls)
  • Responding to customers and solving their problems.

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